Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Halloween Short

It's been quite a while since I've made a video- but luckily my friend Vanessa encouraged me (with some needed strong pushes) to make a submission to her short horror film festival for Halloween. With very limited resources ( whatever I could pull off filming by myself or with help from Ryan in short spurts while he worked late, and whatever objects I already owned ) I made this little thing. Please enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Outing to the Greenhouse Dome





This past weekend I met up with Ashley of Candykawaiilover in Shinkiba to check out the pumpkin patch event for halloween at their greenhouse domes. They had a bunch of huge yellow and green pumpkins rolled out all over the front lawn of the greenhouses, and kids were rolling them around and climbing all over them. It was pretty cute to watch. We hovered, watching the cute kids for a while and then explored the tropical wonderlands inside. It was so beautiful and alive and green.

There were a few sections inside the greenhouse dedicated to some Halloween photo-ops. One was a dressup station where cute tiny Japanese kids were picking out costumes and accessories to don in front of a pick happy halloween backdrop. We had fun watching the kids and exploring the jungles. Ashley was kind enough to snap some lovely photos for me inside the dome. I wore a black cat pin and a skeleton clip, because festive. Also, first knee socks of the season and I was still way too hot and regretted it.






And I'll end with some more casual snapshots including the one photo Ashley and I got together with the cute flower Jackolantern, the pumpkin patch turned neatly into an organized pumpkin stepping stone bridge, the stunning exterior of the dome, and some halloweeny details indoors. Thank goodness for meeting friends on the internet! I'm excited to have made a new friend:)







Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tokyo Disney at Halloween






Ryan and I decided to check out Tokyo Disneyland this weekend since he had never been before and I was excited about all the Halloween decorations and atmosphere for October. It was insanely crowded, and quite a bit hotter than I'm used to for October, but it was still good fun. It's hard not to have a magical, imaginative time in a place so colourful and detailed and bursting with thematic personality. Everyone in Japan comes to Disneyland with serious purpose. There are matching couples and groups of friends all decked out in costumes and outfits- all totally disney themed. It's like a parade in itself just walking around. The food and snacks are also definitely the best.

It's fun to visit the different disney parks and take note of what tried and true familiar things stay the same, and then where the subtle differences are. I've been lucky enough to visit most of them on family trips and school trips: Anaheim when we were living in Arizona, Paris when we were living in Geneva, Orlando on a lucky spring break trip from New York, and Tokyo last time we were living here. They all have their unique perks. There's something extra cute about all the details in Tokyo Disney though- especially how the holidays are so hyped and festive. There were pumpkins and jackolanterns everywhere, and lots of torn orange and black tapestries and plenty of amazing pumpkin treats

It was so crowded that even though we got there at 8am, we didn't make it into the park until 9, and by the time we got a fast pass for the Haunted Mansion and used it at 11:30, all the fast passes for everything else were gone for the rest of the day, and all the lines for the rides were two hours or more of a wait. So this time around, we rode Peter Pan and explored Tom Sawyer's Island while waiting for our Haunted Mansion fast pass time, then we got to cash that in and finally experienced the fabled Nightmare Before Christmas makeover I've been so curious about for years. Afterwards we mostly just wandered around the different lands exploring the nooks and crannies and sampling the snacks unique to the park.





I really like that here in Tokyo Disney, Tom Sawyer's island is the still in its original form and hasn't been usurped by that pseudo pirate travesty like in California. It's such a fun exploresy place to get lost for a while- and I kind of love the bygone era- first wave disney flavor it still retains. It's also by FAR the least crowded area of the park, and we had so much fun clambering over the fake red rocks, sitting in tipis, scaling rickety rope bridges, and check out tree houses of our dreams. I also just really love the wood raft ride back and forth between the island and the main park area, especially when you get to pass the huge Mark Twain steamboat or see the canoers row by.

Also, two of my favorite rides, It's a Small World, and Thunder Mountain were closed for the day, so that was a huge bummer- but I guess the lines would've just been too long anyway. All in all it was probably the most anticlimactic visit to Disneyland ever- we definitely rode the least amount of rides this time, and Ryan started feeling sick around 5, so we just went home, which leaving disney at 5pm!? I have NEVER done that before) was a kind of sad end to the day, but at least we had the time to see the Haunted Mansion redesign for Halloween and eat mickey waffles, which were two things I hadn't tried yet and had always wanted to.