Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pink Dreaming






Ah Sakura Season. What a dream! It may be crowded everywhere, but the sheer amount of trees blooming
around the city, and the size of some of them has been spectacular. So much fluffy goodness. There's a
vintage second hand shop in Harajuku where I found my first yukata for just around $12, and I decided to
drop by again to see if there were any good sakura season kimono for cheap. I cannot even believe my luck
at finding this perfect pink gem. Vintage and only $20! And it has sakura printed all over it and gold thread
detailing to match the gold obi (sash) I already own. I walked out of that store on cloud nine. I've always
stayed away from pink my whole life, but I'm really feeling it at the moment.

The sakura was peaking in the middle of the week, and I knew I really wanted photos in front of the huge
blooming trees in Shinjuku Gyoen, so I convinced Ryan to rush over there with me at opening time before we
both had work so we would be the first ones in, and could get out and to work quick. Three cheers for
Ryan's flexibility and willingness or these would not have happened for sure. It was a really bright sunny
day- the sun rises at like 5am here in Tokyo, and the park didn't open until 9, so we were kinda out of luck
with good light and had to deal with really harsh shadows and backlighting. But I think for the most part
they turned out close to how I was imagining, and i'm just really happy to have some photos in my new pink
sakura kimono in front of sakura in Japan. I want to say 'It's the little things' but this was actually quite
an involved and multi-layered 'thing'.




It has been so much fun to try all the different sakura flavoured foods, drinks, and snacks that have
popped up all over shops and restaurants over the last two months. Japan wins at seasonal flavours and
celebrations. So far I think sakura ice cream and the different kinds of sakura pastries I've tried have
been my favourite. I even tried a sakura chai latte the other day. Maybe I'll do a post soon of some of
the different foods for this season. I only wish there was more time with nice weather available to just
lounge around, picnic, and soak it all in. The sakura peak was right in the middle of the week this year,
so on the weekends it was either a little too early or a little too late. I think I still managed to
squeeze in a decent amount of hanaming though<3 miss it already.




I love you Spring. I really do.

From Japan,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mystery. Blossoms.




This was a totally unexpected shoot that wasn't planned or supposed to happen, but when you're out with your camera
and the light is perfect and you see the most amazing tree of your life you don't pass that by. duh. I've been saving
this sweater, like really, savoring it, for something special. I don't really have a good idea of what exactly- but
it's been sitting in my closet, unworn, since November. I saw it first when i was shopping around October and freaked
out a little bit.
For those of you who have been following a while, you might remember how much I love Nancy Drew.
Like really a lot. I grew up reading the original series, my dad used to read them to me when I was too young to read,
and when I was a teenager my sisters and I used to get a Nancy Drew computer game for Christmas, which we'd spent the
next few days solving together.
She's been my lifelong idol and role model- someone who's always up for an adventure, but always impeccably dressed. goals.
Many of my fashion tastes came directly from book covers and things I found in thrift and antique stores that I thought she'd
wear. So when I saw this sweater with a mystery novel embroidered on the front in a girly color scheme I could hardly contain
my excitement. There was just one thing- it costed like my whole budget. I waited the whole month to make sure I reeaalllyy
wanted to commit to this sweater, and then I came back and triumphantly bought it and hoarded it in my closet.


The pastels and springish palette really called my name the other day though (I hardly own ANY pink) and I wanted something
to wear with my new cute pink flower barrettes, so the sweater came out on its maiden voyage. It was an overcast day, and
I had plans to meet my friend Alanna at Shinjuku Gyoen to check out the blossoms, so I brought my camera along thinking I'd
probably take some shots of my surroundings. Alanna was kind enough to take some photos for me once I realised this was an
opportunity not to be missed upon walking up to the biggest fluffiest sakura tree I've ever seen in my life.

Can you believe this eye candy? It was so crazy crowded but we managed to frame shots to block everyone out for the most part
I'm pretty impressed you'd never guess how mobbed it was at all the trees. I think this last tree was honestly big enough for
everyone around the base to get a photo looking 'alone'. Pretty impressive stuff. Thanks for your help and gr8 framing, Alanna!<3


All the Yoshino blossoms have dropped already, and today it is actually snowing (!) But I'll be sharing more photos from last week
so stay tuned<3<3

From Japam,
Kathryn <3

Monday, April 6, 2015

The First Bloomers






Last weekend it was rainy and gloomy and a bit windy, BUT the first wave of yoshino sakura peaked. Ryan and
I spent the day at Yoyogi park, first at the farmer's market, then in the park in the grove with blooming cherry
blossoms. Ryan was on the hunt for local honey at the market to take for allergies and we found a booth with two
little old ladies selling honey made in their front yard. Too cute. We tried some other foods from some stalls and
then it started to rain. We didn't have umbrellas with us, and Yoyogi park is the one place I've encountered so far
in Tokyo that doesn't have convenience stores everywhere, ahem, conveniently close.

There were still loads of people hanami picnicking under the big cluster of blooming trees- many whom somehow knew
to pack umbrellas despite the optimistic forecast. It was so crowded near and under the trees that is was difficult
to walk around easily, but thank you Ryan, for doing a smashing job shooting upwards and cropping out the hoards of
revelers. We got too nervous about our camera getting too wet to stay long and headed to the nearest station. And
wouldn't you know it, when we popped up at our home station the rain had stopped, and when we came out a different
exit a magnificent blooming sakura hanging over the moat welcomed us home.



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From Blossomland,
Kathryn B.